The Coach

Dear Chess Enthusiast!

My name is Pavel Besedin and I offer coaching to help improve your chess skills.

I was educated in Russia and my chess coach always taught me that the most important thing in chess is the ability to adapt to the consistently changing situations, which occur during a game. This gives you a deeper understanding of chess tactics, and as a result will help you gain the upper-hand on your opponent.

I am an English Chess Federation accredited chess coach and have a full, and up to date, DBS certificate, enabling me to work with children as well as adults. I can offer lessons to any standard of player - from beginner to around 180 ECF grade.


IMG_6449.JPGMy coaching embraces all aspects of chess, including:


1.      The fundamental ideas of the opening;

2.     Tips on how to analyse one’s own games;

3.     Endgame theory and practical positional play;

4.     Chess strategy and tactics;

5.     Preparation for the chess competitions.

I offer the lessons on an individual or group basis, either in person, or over the internet for any age group.

Tuition fees are available on request. If you require further information

Please do not hesitate to contact me phone: 0785 804 0841 or either via e-mail: