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 1975                                                                                                                                1979                                                                                                                      2010 in the MASC Bar                                                                                        Prince of Wales 2015


Div 4 Champions

2014-15 Div 4 Champions Celebrate with a pint at Walsall Kipping

Windows, Neuro, Flintstone, 2T’s,  Speedy, Slayer, Victor.


Great Nights equal SBCC ……. Sumptuous Beer Curries Chess


Curry at The Dawat  Dec 2014,  for years SBCC used this place, it closed after a drive by shooting, SCCC  are believed not  to be involved.

Ths Picture was taken by Singerman.

Clockwise: -  Domino, Sharp As, Tom-Tom, Slayer, Diamond, Tricky, Invincible, Speedy, Lucky Latvian, Killa, Neuro.



Curry Night at Grameen Khana Restaurant, Ladypool Road Dec 2015.

Clockwise: - Diamond, Domino, Sharp As, Kitty, Singerman, Physics…….. TAL, Brush, Tricky, Tom-Tom, Lucky Latvian, Nick the Greek and Mascot were also in attendance.



This was our first time at The Diwan Balti Restaurant Alcester Road Moseley Dec 2016 and is now our Regular Christmas Venue.

Diamond won the best Christmas Jumper Competition,

Clockwise; -  TAL, Diamond, Lucky Latvian, Mascot, Tom-Tom, behind Kitty, Domino, Windows Standing, Tricky, Brush, Speedy and De Molly back to camera.



Diwan again end of season July 2017

Clockwise:- De-Molly, Flintstone, Lucky, Diamond, Tricky, Rafa, Eagle, Tom-Tom, Singerman, Kitty, TAL, Sharp As. Brush took the Picture.


Curry June 2018.jpg

Dec 2017 the Diwan Balti Restaurant has now built us our own section and again TOP MARKS for service and Food.

This Picture was taken by The Brush; this was his Phones last act and lost it on the way home.  Kitty nodding off as usual…

Clockwise: - Singerman, Kitty, Diamond, Invincible, Tricky, Rafa, Druge, TAL, Windows.



18th September 2018, After starting the season with a Dudley Double win at Mutual, Five of us got on the Magic Carpet and rolled on to Adils Balti House Stoney Lane…. EXCELLENT......

 Clockwise: - 2 Cars, Singerman, Windows, Kitty, and Invincible.



This year SBCC decided to have two curry nights, one for the traditionalist who like few beers in the Prince of Wales before exiting to the curry house (Hard Beerexit)  Nov 31 2018

 and one eating three hours earlier meeting at the curry house for those who prefer a Softer Beerexit.  Dec 14 2018 …..And some not to miss out went to both.  Welldone.

Above savoring the atmosphere of PoW, Clockwise; -  TAL. Tricky, Andre, 2-Cars, Diamond, Rafa.

Below Clockwise: Brush, Nurse, Singerman, Kitty, Tricky, Sharp As, Invincible, Hitman, Persian, Windows, Druge, Killa, 2 Cars.




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